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About Nature Bar

Nature Bar is soap and shampoo bars with a mission: inspire people to take better care of themselves and nature.

In the soap studio in Amsterdam, the natural and circular soap is handmade in small batches, using traditional and artisanal methods. Every nature bar is unique, just like you.

For me, everything comes together in this beautiful product; connection to nature, taking care of yourself and the earth and the impact you as a consumer can make.

Natural ingredients

My dream was to create a natural soap based on a circular core ingredient. A soap that cleanses gently and nourishes your skin at the same time. After months of experimenting and testing, I have now created multiple soap and shampoo bars. Soap and shampoo bars that harness the power of nature without any rubbish.

Each bar contains a carefully chosen blend of olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil and sunflower oil. Only a few essential oils for a pure, subtle and natural fragrance. Plus carefully selected natural ingredients such as calendula that support your natural beauty. But the spotlight is of course reserved for the circular (magic) main ingredient.


Together with local entrepreneurs, Nature Bar combats waste and works towards a circular economy. Each soap contains a circular core ingredient. Or, as Nature Bar likes to call it, the magic ingredient. Think of ground coffee from a local coffee roaster. Ingredients that can still be incredibly valuable to your skin, but would otherwise be thrown away.

Sustainable packaging

The packaging, too, was created with attention and love for nature. Completely plastic-free and compostable.

Marlies van Heusden

Marlies van HeusdenMy name is Marlies van Heusden and I am the founder of Nature Bar. I am an imperfect zero waster, minimalist and composter.

From a young age, I was often outdoors and fascinated by everything that grew. I would have preferred to walk around barefoot all summer. I was not really careful, which is why my mother kept bringing calendula ointment.

I have always had the desire to create something with my hands. To make something tangible, something with which I can make the world more beautiful. I am therefore very grateful that the idea for Nature Bar was born during a wonderful trip through Latin America.

The beginning

In 2019, I quit my job to go backpacking through Latin America for six months. I was fed up with overconsumption and wanted to get closer to myself and nature again. I can tell you, it worked out quite well ;).

In a small shop in Mexico – full of dried herbs and gemstones – I was looking for calendula ointment for my mosquito bites. However, I found handmade calendula soap, with real petals. Until then, it had never occurred to me that calendula is a plant/flower.

The calendula soap made my skin heal quickly. This has inspired me to add a healthy dose of calendula to each soap. In addition, the rich natural oils made my skin healthy again and made it unnecessary to use other products such as body lotion. A small bar of soap suddenly replaced several large plastic bottles in my micro backpack and brought me closer to nature.

I remember being amazed at the power of that little bar of soap.