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9 March 2022 Marlies van Heusden
Apple in Nature Bar

Circular ingredient: Apple

The apple or next in INCI naming Pyrus malus comes in many flavors, from pleasantly sweet to fresh sour. The plant belongs to the rose family, and in the spring it has beautiful white or pink blossoms from which the apples grow. Let’s face it, who isn’t a fan of apples? But did you know that this fruity friend is also great for your skin?

Apple for your skin

Apple is naturally high in antioxidants, which is great because it does wonders for your skin. Antioxidants is a collective name for substances such as vitamins E and C, trace elements such as selenium and bioactive substances. In this case, among other things, vitamins A, C, E and malic acid, a natural exfoliant. The functional ingredients help against acne, are anti-inflammatory and can therefore exfoliate the skin.

That is why we use a healthy dose of organic apple pulp in the Apple & Chamomile Soap .

Apple pulp as a miracle cure for the skin

Apple pulp fights acne. This happens because the polyphenols reduce fat production in sebaceous glands. In addition, within the polyphenols there are a group of substances (procyanidins) that have an anti-inflammatory effect. On a lab scale, this has been shown to inhibit further growth of acne and to reduce cartilage degradation, which is applicable for people with osteoarthritis. In addition, the polyphenols provide an antimicrobial effect. Apple pulp also contains malic acid, which is often used in cosmetics as an exfoliant and antioxidant. Most of the antioxidants (including vitamin C) are retained in the pulp after juice production.

Circular core ingredient of the Apple & Chamomile soap

For this soap we use pulp from organic apples, which are normally thrown away but contain a lot of nutrients.

Kernels in apple pulp

You may have heard that apple seeds are poisonous. I’ve got this figured out and it’s like this: The only toxic ingredient in apple pulp, amygdalin, is indeed in the kernels. Cyanide is formed from this under the influence of enzymes in the stomach. However, before it is harmful, a very high amount – as much as 100 grams of kernels per day – must be consumed. In short, your negative effects of apple pulp through absorption through the skin is really impossible.