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beer grain

beer grain
9 March 2022 Marlies van Heusden
beer grain

beer grain

Beer grains or marcs are grains that are left over after the beer brewing process. Because it is very high in protein, we use it as a circular core ingredient in our Beer Shampoo Bar . Fortunately, more and more other makers are also finding this residual flow. For example, more and more bakers use it to make bread, among other things. It is also often given a second life as fodder in livestock farming.

Circular ingredient: brewer’s grain.

Each Nature Bar soap and shampoo bar has a repurposed core ingredient. Together with local Amsterdam entrepreneurs we work towards a circular economy. And together we fight against waste. In Nature Bar’s beer shampoo bar we process spent grains that are left over after the brewing process of a local brewery in Amsterdam.

Is beer good for your hair?

Beer has long been used as an ingredient in hair products for its effect on strength, volume, softness and shine. Hair care products with brewer’s grains are now also increasingly available.

Beer grain is rich in vitamins B and E and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus that also act as antioxidants. Vitamin E (tocopherol) is widely used in moisturizing creams, among other things. B vitamins also have a broad positive impact on the skin.

beer shampoo

Beer is often brewed with malted barley. Barley provides a lot of volume, strengthens hair and prevents hair breakage. The natural shampoo bar is therefore an excellent choice for thin and lifeless hair, which could use some extra volume.