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Circular soap

Circulaire zeep

Circular soap

Every Nature Bar soap and shampoo bar is contains a circular core ingredient. These are valuable natural ingredients that have already served a purpose for another product. But far from being ready to be thrown away. The circular ingredients so far are: Christmas tree, coffee grounds, orange, grapefruit, apple, brewer’s grain and horsetail.

What is circular?

Circular is a new way of looking at raw materials. Contrary to the linear way of looking at raw materials, where they are used and waste is created. Can no waste arise in the circular way, but you continue to start from a raw material that can be used time and time again.

Circular products

Fortunately, more and more circular products are being added and people are starting to find it more and more normal to use a raw material several times. A classic example is coffee grounds, the ‘residual’ product that is created after the coffee has been made. Coffee grounds are now increasingly being reused. For example, there are currently circular products made from coffee to grow mushrooms, plant pots made from coffee grounds and of course Nature Bar’s own coffee scrub soap.

What is a circular economy?

It may sound complicated, but a circular economy is actually very simple. A circular economy is an industrial-economic system in which raw materials are not exhausted, but can be reused. In this form of economy there is therefore (virtually) no residual waste. Another word for circular economy is therefore circular economy. Despite the fact that there are more and more sustainable materials, reuse is of course the best. You actually give it a second life.

Bit of an open door, but a major advantage of a circular economy and circular products is that considerably fewer raw materials are needed.

Why am I a fan of a circular economy?

Worldwide, the population and prosperity is growing. As a result, the demand for raw materials increases while the raw materials themselves decrease rapidly. This also creates more and more waste. A circular economy offers many solutions. With a circular economy, we are less dependent on scarce raw materials. And fewer raw materials are needed to make circular products. Ultimately, this also results in less waste. So, a win-win-win situation.

The Netherlands has set the goal of having a fully circular economy by 2050.

Why circular soap?

With Nature Bar I contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful world. I believe that with conscious and small adjustments you as a consumer can already have a huge impact. Together we can really make the world a better place. Will you join us?

How do you contribute to a circular economy yourself?

Start small, for example with these easy-to-apply tips. And a piece of circular soap from Nature Bar of course ;).

  1. Waste less food. Did you know that in the Netherlands we throw away over 30% of all our food? Freeze leftovers and process into a tasty soup or quiche.
  2. Give things a second life. For example, have a chair reupholstered and try to repair electrical appliances instead of replacing them too immediately.
  3. Own less and share more. Instead of buying things that you don’t need often, you can also borrow them more and more. Think of a clothing library and sites like Peerby.