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coconut oil

coconut oil
22 February 2022 Marlies van Heusden
coconut oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil , also called coconut fat or according to the INCI name Sodium Cocoate, is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing or extracting the dried white flesh of the coconut.

This oil contains by far the most saturated fatty acids of all vegetable oils, including lauric acid and palmitic acid. In addition, it contains unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid, but also phytosterols, cholesterol, minerals and vitamins E and K.

Our coconut oil is certified organic by SKAL and of food grade quality.

Coconut fat has antibacterial properties, which provides a strong cleaning effect and provides a lot of foam. That’s why every Nature Bar soap and shampoo bar contains a healthy dose of organic coconut oil.

coconut oil in soap

If you’ve ever studied a soap recipe or looked at the ingredient list for soap, you’ve probably noticed that coconut oil is often among them.

This oil also plays an important role in the soap and shampoo bars of Nature Bar. It provides a generous amount of foam. In addition, it provides a hard soap and shampoo bar, which dries quickly. And so it lasts a long time.

Are there also disadvantages? Yes! The cleansing power of coconut oil may be a little too good for its own good. So, a soap made from 100% of this oil will dry out your skin.