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Handmade soap


Each Nature Bar soap and shampoo bar is handmade in the soap factory in Amsterdam. Each soap can therefore differ in shape, color and weight. In short, every handmade soap is unique, just like you. In addition, I only make natural handmade soap and shampoo bars in small editions. This way you always have a fresh and subtly scented soap.

Handmade soap, why would you still make it by hand?

Handmade soapI choose to make every Nature Bar soap and shampoo bar by hand in the soap factory in Amsterdam. I do this according to the cold process method , this is the purest way of making soap there is. The traditional method does take quite a while, namely 4-6 weeks until the soaps are ripe. But by using low temperatures, the vitamins and minerals are preserved as much as possible. And your skin will thank you for this. The handmade soap from Nature Bar therefore contains, in addition to an oil such as organic shea butter, only purely natural ingredients, such as calendula and natural fragrances and dyes.


The two most commonly used methods for handmade soap are the cold process and hot process method. Both have their own pros and cons. For example, the cold process method is slower but purer, and the hot process method is faster but many minerals and vitamins expire. The cold process method – also called cold saponification – is the method by which all soaps and shampoo bars from Nature Bar are made.

Today almost all soaps are made by machine. This is in fact much cheaper and faster than traditional handmade soap.

Comparing factory soap with traditional handmade soap is a bit like comparing factory bread with a sourdough bread from an authentic baker.


For this method you only need three basic ingredients, a fat, water and sodium hydroxide. Of course you can also add fragrances and colorings. I choose pure natural soap and only add natural fragrances such as essential oils. And add natural dyes such as clays to Nature Bar’s soap and shampoo bars.

Due to the chemical reaction between the fat, water and sodium hydroxide (together lye), the saponification process starts and ultimately the handmade soap is created. There is nothing left of the lye after the saponification process and after maturing. That is why this substance is not listed in the ingredients. There is glycerine. This is a natural substance that is created during the saponification process. So I don’t add this separately as an ingredient.

Soap making is magical and different every time! It seems simple with so few ingredients but it really is a game between the ingredients, temperatures and how long you mix. In short, making soap is different every time.

The result: a luxurious soap that cleans in a mild way and also nourishes your skin.


All soaps from Nature Bar are made in the soap factory in Amsterdam. Although I like the name soap studio myself, the official name of the workplace of a soap maker (soap seeder) is a soap factory.