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How to use a Shampoo Bar

How to use a Shampoo Bar
15 July 2021 Marlies van Heusden
How to use a Shampoo Bar

How to use a Shampoo Bar

A shampoo bar – also called hair soap, solid shampoo and shampoo soap – is really just a shampoo but in solid form. This makes them the ideal travel companion, because no liquid. In addition, a hair soap is good for the environment, unlike their liquid version, they do not need a plastic jacket. But how do you use a hair soap? Don’t panic, we explain that in great detail here.


Get in the shower and wet your hair well. Grab the solid shampoo bar and lather your hair. This can be done by massaging it directly on your head, or by foaming it in your wet hands and distributing the foam over your head. Put the solid shampoo somewhere where it can dry properly. Ideal is, for example, a bamboo soap dish . You will see that your hair soap will last much longer.

Foam up! Now wash your hair as usual, massage the foam through your locks and rinse well.

Getting used to shampoo bar

How quickly you get used to a hair soap depends on how often you wash your hair. For one person, a shampoo bar works perfectly right away. But on average it takes about 2-4 weeks. When you have washed your hair with synthetic and often aggressive products for years, your hair and scalp simply need to recover. After a few washes, your hair may feel a bit greasy. If you have used shampoo bars for a longer period of time, you will notice that they have more volume.

Need conditioner?

Many people who are used to hair soap say that they no longer need a conditioner. Nevertheless, the use of a conditioner bar – especially with long hair – can be pleasant.


1. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar

The shampoo bar from Nature Bar is made according to the cold process method , so real hair soap. Real soap has a pH of about 8, your skin has a pH of about 5. A vinegar rinse can help lower your pH level. Apple cider vinegar makes your hair softer and gives it more shine. Fortunately, pouring a whole bottle of apple cider vinegar over your head is not necessary. If you fill a glass about 2 cm with apple cider vinegar and fill it further with water, you will come a long way.

2. Rinse your hair with cold/lukewarm water

We know especially in winter spicy. But cold/lukewarm water ensures that your hair cuticles close. And this in turn ensures that your hair becomes less frizzy and dull. Of course you can also just combine tip one and two.

3. Use hair oil on dry hair

Do you have porous or dry hair? Then it can help to use hair oil before combing. Do not use too much because then it will become too greasy again, often dividing a few drops over the points is enough. You can use good olive oil or, for example, Argan oil for this.