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Natural soap

Natural soap

Natural soap is – you guessed it – made from natural ingredients. Good to know is that this of course does not automatically mean vegan. A natural soap can also contain animal fat, beeswax, lice dye, etc. I am convinced that these substances are not necessary for a fine mild soap. That’s why every soap from Nature Bar is vegan. But what exactly is natural soap? And what makes natural soap better than synthetic soap. I’d be happy to tell you more about it.

What is Natural Soap?

Natural soap is created by a chemical reaction between a fat and alkalis. The alkalis (or lye) cause a chemical reaction that causes saponification. In principle, a soap block can be made with any type of oil. In addition to oils, you can of course also add other (vegetable) ingredients. Think of herbs, clay and for example, essential oils for the scent.


Glycerin is a moisturizing ingredient found naturally in oils and fats. It has a positive effect on your skin elasticity and the repair of the skin barrier. This makes glycerine a super valuable ingredient. So valuable that many factory soaps even remove glycerine from the soap. To be able to add to ‘more expensive’ cosmetic products. This makes using natural soap much nicer for your skin than synthetic soap.

Artisanal soap

Nature Bar makes every natural soap in the traditional and artisanal ‘cold process’ way. This artisanal method may take a little more time. But it does ensure that many good properties of oils and other ingredients are preserved. In addition, this way the glycerine in the soap is preserved.

Tip: Look critically at the soap label

A good test is a look at the label of a soap bar. Real natural soaps often does not contain many different vegetable ingredients. Other ingredients such as foam improvers, dyes, perfume, preservatives, parabens, SLS etc. do not necessarily make a soap better. In principle, a block of normal pure soap cannot go bad. However, the soap can dry out a bit if all the residual water evaporates completely. This also makes for a more concentrated soap, and more concentrated is better in this case.

Our natural soaps

Nature Bar has different types of natural soaps for every skin type. The Orange Calendula Soap is suitable for all skin types due to its soothing and nourishing effect. Do you have extremely sensitive skin? Then choose the Apple & Chamomile soap . This contains no fragrances and dyes and is super mild for the skin because of the chamomile. Dry skin? Then the Grapefruit & Rosemary natural soap is exactly what you need!

Not only does your skin deserve cleaning and extra care, but so does your hair. Our natural shampoo bar, including castor oil and beer, takes care of your hair and gives it extra volume.

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