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Bundle with 2 shampoo bars + conditioner bar
  • Hair-care-bundle

Bundle with 2 shampoo bars + conditioner bar


Combine two of your favorite shampoo bars with our conditioner bar and save 10%. Ideal for when your partner, housemate or child wants a different shampoo bar.

NEW! Nature Bar bundles, less shipping cost for us, more discount for you. Better for your hair and the planet.

Select the 2 shampoo bars you want and the conditioner bar is added automatically.

Beer shampoo bar

The rich creamy foam gently cleanses your hair, while beer and rhassoul clay gives hair extra volume and a healthy boost.

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Field Horsetail & Mint Shampoo bar

Mint in combination with rosemary and eucalyptus give the shampoo bar a wonderful refreshing scent.

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Conditioner Bar Avocado

Nourishes and makes the hair smooth and shiny. Easy to use and a great addition to the shampoo bars.

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