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Bundle with 4 soap bars + free bamboo soap dish
  • Nature Bar Bundel

Bundle with 4 soap bars + free bamboo soap dish


NEW! Nature Bar bundles, less shipping cost for us, more discount for you. Better for your skin and the planet.

Not three, but four delicious body soap bars plus free bamboo soap dish with this oh so fresh bundle. Ideal for when your partner, housemate or child wants a different Nature Bar.

Select the 4 bars you want and the bamboo soap dish is added automatically.

Orange & Calendula Bar

The orange and calendula soap is wonderfully soft and nourishing thanks to the healing effects of calendula and shea butter.

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Grapefruit & Rosemary Bar

This soap is pink and fabulous! Don't be fooled by her lovely appearance.

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Apple & Chamomile Bar

The Baby-mild bar is a minimalist and fragrance-free artisanal soap to compliment the most sensitive skin.

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Coffee scrub soap

Spice up your morning routine with the delicious scent of cardamom and cinnamon.

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Spruce & Cedar Bar

Perfect balance between the subtle scent of a fir forest on a fresh morning and the warmth of cedar wood.

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Charcoal & Aloe Vera Face Bar

This fresh-scented face and body bar is formulated to cleanse, repair and protect the skin.

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Bamboo Soap Dish

Your soap and shampoo bar will not only look beautiful but also last way longer.

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In stock