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Soap dish ceramic
  • Keramiek zeepbakje Nature Bar
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Soap dish ceramic


This soap dish was made by Lieke Hendrikse of Keraliek. You can see that it was made with care and love. The natural and minimalist design is a perfect match for Nature Bar.

The soap dish is made of ceramic with beautiful blue bubbles and a transparent glaze. So just like our soap and shampoo bars every soap dish is unique.


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The holes allow the water to drain well and the soap and/or shampoo bar dries well after use. This allows your soap to last up to twice as long. The elongated shape ensures that a Nature Bar soap stays perfectly in place. Use it on your counter, the sink, on the bath rim or in a dry place under the shower.

Nature Bar

Real natural soap is back. Where in the past the use of artisanal soap was still quite normal, today we have often switched to industrially produced soap. And that’s a shame because natural soap is not only much better for your skin, but also for the planet. In the soap workshop in Amsterdam, the natural and circular soap is handmade, in a traditional and artisanal way. Every nature bar is unique, just like you.

A block of soap also lasts much longer, which is nice and sustainable. Not convinced yet? Here are four good reasons why you should switch to natural soap.

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