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Soap offcuts in pouch
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Soap offcuts in pouch


Fight waste with this soap pouch filled with soap offcuts. Soap offcuts will vary so which type of soap scraps you’ll get will be a surprise…

The soap pouch is perfect for using up soap pieces completely and it will provide a luscious foam.

– minimum of 65 grams soap offcuts.
– Provides extra foam.
– 100% Biodegradable & Vegan.
– Unbleached Hemp.

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Since I’ve been using a new type of soap mold I now sometimes have some soap offcuts. Soap offcuts are little pieces of soap just not in the bar shape you are used to. But perfect to use in a soap pouch, since that lets you use soap pieces that are too small to hold plus it even provides extra foam.


The soap pouch is the perfect addition to your Nature Bar soap and shampoo bar. This prevents waste because you can use up soap leftovers that are just too small to hold. This is also the solution if the soap slips out of your hands more often than you would like. The combination of soap and the soap pouch also provides extra foam. And at the same time, your skin is lightly scrubbed. In short, a win-win-win-win situation.

Use the soap pouch in the shower, in the bath or simply to wash your hands.


Each natural soap and shampoo bar from Nature Bar is handmade with rich oils like organic shea butter and a magical (circular) core ingredient. To this end, we cooperate with local entrepreneurs. From choosing our ingredients to our circular packaging material. we take our responsibility with every step. For example, all our soaps are vegan and palm oil-free.

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