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Sustainable corporate gifts

Handgemaakte natuurlijke zeep Handmade natural soap

Sustainable promotional gifts and Christmas packages

Pamper your team and relations with luxurious and sustainable promotional gifts and/or Christmas packages? Plus contribute to a better planet? Nature Bar is happy to help!

All our products, corporate gifts and Christmas packages are made and composed with care and attention for people and nature. For example, Nature Bar works with a repurposed ingredient. Think of a beer shampoo bar made with grains that leftover from the brewing process.

“Let’s raise the bar together

one bar at a time,

the future lies in your hands.”

Sustainable promotional gifts and Christmas packages

Receive a personal proposal?

Would you like to purchase multiple gifts (min. €150) and receive a custom proposal? Please contact Nadia by filling out the form below. We are happy to help you with our gift sets!

If you have another question or if you prefer to speak to Nadia first, please send an email to

Why Nature Bar?

Social impact: With our sustainable business gifts you contribute to a cleaner world!

Clean Beauty: Nature Bar products are formulated with 100% natural ingredients. Pure ingredients that use the power of nature.

Unique: Offer your team and/or relations the ultimate pampering moment. Look at the possibilities and you will see that a sustainable promotional gift can go further than the well-known water bottle and chocolate bar.

Sustainable packaging & shipping: We developed packaging from recycled agricultural waste. Plus plastic-free and CO2 neutral shipping.

Customized promotional gifts: Together we always find a suitable sustainable promotional gift and/or Christmas package! We also offer packages that fit through the letterbox. So that you can easily surprise your staff.

Personal contact: Clear and fast communication is our priority. In addition, we also love to help shape your idea!


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